Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chile Antofagasta Mission

Many, many, MANY moons ago, my hubby served a mission for our church. He served his mission in Antofagasta Chile. He often says these were some of the best years of his life. Unfortunately, after meeting me, he lost touch with everybody he served his mission with. At this point, we don't even know where his journal is which contained everyones names and addresses in it. So anyways, the other night we were surfing the net together and ran across a website for the Chile Antofagasta Mission. There were over 1000 alumni registered with them as well as a chat room, message board, news, etc. It was quite cool. After reading the message board for a while we ran across a couple of messages where people were looking for my hubby...old missionary companions. It made me very sad because one of these people inparticular has been on my hubbies mind on and off throughout the years and he has never known how to get ahold of him. Anyways, the last time he was even on there asking about my hubby was back in 2003. So the next day when hubby went to work, I registered him on this website as an alumni and included a link to our blog. I was so happy to see that people from his mission have been hitting my blog this morning. Hopefully, this will bring forth some friendly reunions. Santiago, Chile has hit my blog a couple of times this morning which is where one of his companions that he really wonders about. Anyways, just thougth I'd share. Wish him luck in finding some peeps!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what would you serve?

As I'm sure you've read in prior posts, it is tradition in our home to let the birthday boy or girl choose their birthday dinner. It doesn't matter what it is they are craving, I will make it for them. And the rest of us have to "deal" with whatever it is I make that night. It's the same every year...Justin always requests homemade hamburgers, Steph - cheese pizza, Jared - any pizza, hubby - tacos or anything mexican, me - steaks. Well, tomorrow is Jaroms birthday. He will be 3. This is really the first year that he can actually express his cravings and desires. So today Steve says "tell mama what you want for dinner can have ANYTHING you want!! ANYTHING!!". Without hesitation, Jarom told me what he wants for dinner tomorrow.....Ice Cream!! "That's not dinner Jarom, that's dessert", I said. To which he replied "Daddy said ANYTHING I WANT!!"
Of course the older kids are anxiously anticipating tomorrows dinner. Wondering if Jarom has started something they were never clever enough to start or if I, the wicked witch of East Mesa, will not honor Jaroms wish and serve something "dinner-ish".

Soooooo.....What would you serve???

Friday, March 20, 2009


I know this may come as a surprise to some of you but I, Julie Ann Wright, am a bit spoiled. I blame this mainly on my daddy who spoiled me "rotten". So when I grew up and started searching for a beau I knew that I would only marry him if he, too, believed in spoiling one rotten (imparticularly, me!). I think I did pretty good. I mean, he's definitely not my daddy, but he'll do. I only say this because my batting of the eyelashes quit working on hubby a while ago and after 35 years they still work on good ol' dad. Hubby does still tend to "spoil me rotten" for Christmas and my Birthday though. My best friend from Cali always calls me on Christmas and says "alright, what'd you get this year?". Then she yells at her hubby because he didn't do as good as my dear hubby.
So you can see why I was a bit worried when hubby told me last week that he definitely wouldn't be home for my birthday. What?! This CANNOT be happening!! I need attention for my birthday!! I need to be pampered and spoiled!! There has got to be some mistake here!! As time drew closer to the dreaded day I prepared myself as best as I knew how. I reminded myself that there are many wives out there whose hubby's aren't home for their big days and they survive. I'm tough (supposed to be), I can do this. I will survive!!
Well, today was that dreaded day...the big three-five!! Yep, you read that right, 35!! I woke up and helped Jarom brush his teeth and somehow he got toothpaste in my eye. Yeah, it burned like no other. "Great, this is how my day is going to go" I thought. Then my visiting teachers came and took me to breakfast...oh so yummy and Village Inn gives a free slice of pie for your birthday so I got a free slice of pie for later....days not going so shabby after all. Came home and opened my card from mom and dad...sweet!! for that desperately needed haircut. Then, a knock at the door...who could it be? A delivery man with these in hand...
aawwww, even from afar, he made my day. And those wonderful neighbors I wrote about yesterday...yeah, they brought me these...
Then my dear ol' Father in law made me a WONDERFUL steak for dinner. Can you say Yummmmy!?!
Then we ate some scrumptious cake that my baby girl made me while I was at breakfast this morning. Guess my being spoiled isn't such a secret after all. Everyone came thru in my hubbys absence. Thanks Guys!! Where can I send him next year for my birthday?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

thats what life is all about

Went to the old hood today. Was quite a somber feeling. Though I have grown to love this new hood of mine and all of the wonderful people here the memories I have in that old one are many. As I drove by our old house, I thought about the day I walked thru the front door with our brand new baby (Jarom), all of the kids filled with excitement to finally have him home. I remembered the many springs where I was colorfully welcomed by my freshly planted flowers. Memories of my kids playing outside...boys chasing the girls, girls screaming, parents ignoring them. The many times we chased our dog up and down that street (having to stop traffic on Guadalupe a few times). The excitement and hopes we had for the future when we added that 3rd driveway, extended my front patio and had the block wall built. The pranks we let our kids play on our crazy neighbors and the wonderful ward!! Oh, the wonderful ward...our kids grew up together!! They played baseball together, took dance classes together, went camping together, vacationed together, even took trips with the bishop and his family...they did everything together!! That bond and friendship, for my kids especially, is what is greatly missed. It took a while to get those relationships though and I know we will have them again here.
A couple of weekends ago my kids were swimming with some kids from our new ward. As I sat in the living room of our neighbor and watched them all play out in the pool I thought to myself how the other kids were so lucky to have eachother for they, too, have all grown up together. They were all so comfortable with eachother. For a minute, I felt sad for my kids...for they are the new kids on the block but you know what? They are not treated like that at all. They have been accepted into this circle of friends as though they have lived here all their lives too. They are as comfortable as the other kids are with eachother. And I am as comfortable with their parents as I was in the other hood. And here, just like there, we are already making memories...memories that will last a lifetime!! Change...that's what life is all about. Guess it isn't so bad after all.

Monday, March 16, 2009

all my happenings

It's been a while since I last posted. I have been so extremely busy.
First, Jared started flag football. He's never played flag before. He did tackle last fall and didn't really like it so we decided on flag this year. He loves it!!
Second, I started playing softball with the RS. Yeah, we're awesome!! At least, in our eyes, we are. And thats all that really matters....right?
Third, my parents have been in town. I love when my parents come to town. That familiar scent of coffee brewing in the air, laundry always going and Mexican food cooking on the stove. Just reminds me of when I was a kid. And what a sweet childhood I had.
And last, my dear sweet hubby is out of town...has been for a while now...will be for a while longer. and oh, how lonely I am!!...Even with ALL the chitlins running around.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

ooooh, the stories

For those who know not where I live, I will give you a brief description. My house backs up to a main road...cross that road and there is a desert...cross that desert and there is a high school and a junior high. So needless to say, my son walks across that ugly, boring, desert every morning. Well this morning that boring, ugly, dried out, dusty desert was filled with excitement as there was a dead body found there. Apparently, someone rolled their truck and lay there all night until someone found them there this morning. For full details click here. You should hear the stories my son came home with...and the neighbor boy...and the neighbor lady. They all had different stories as to what really happened. Cracks me up how many versions circulate when there is a good story to be told.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Only in Phoenix!!

Only in Phoenix can your kids go swimming in February!!

This is how they and some other kids from our ward spent their Saturday!! Is that crazy or what?! So Sunday, I had them jump into our pool and get some rocks from the bottom of the pool. hmmmm, wonder where those came from?