Thursday, August 23, 2012

I need to be okay...

Tonight I'm sad.  Really sad.  For tomorrow would have been Justin's first football game of his senior year.  Though the game starts at 7 I would have been there at 530 to save seats for "our crowd"...of course, I'd be wearing one of my hundreds of Desert Ridge T-shirts from my collection that has it's own cabinet in our house.  I would have strategically placed purses, water bottles, towels and anything else I could think of over about 4 or 5 rows of seats and frantically waited for all of our friends to show up.  As the little siblings would run off and play who knows where until 10 when the game ends, us adults would have laughed, yelled, chatted and bit our nails off together all night long.  There'd be Sea Salt and Black Pepper sunflower seeds all over the bleachers with a few empty Sonic cups.  I'd have my red ice chest filled to the rim with fruit, waters, capri suns and string cheese for all the kiddos and one of my hubbys burly friends would carry it down for me at the end of the night.  We'd walk down to the field, let the boys sing their fight song to us and wait to hug our smelly players.  My hubby would be hoarse and we would go home talking crap about Coach Hathcock and his crappy calls only to eagerly anticipate next weeks game.
          But this year, unlike the past 3, I won't have a son on the field.  I'll really have no reason to be there other than the fact that I looked forward to it for so long that I'll HAVE to go.  Justin will be just another face in the stands and not someone who will excite us just by wearing the uniform.  He will walk around like all the other students flirtin' with the ladies and having push up competitions.  I know deep down he'll be missing it, wishing he were still in the middle of all the excitement down on the field.  Cursing Coach under his breath but wanting desperately to be out there with his team.  Then he'll remember the way he worked so hard for nothing and will be glad he made the decision he did and he'll be okay with it.  Which I guess means I need to be okay with it too...
Go D-Ridge!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another end to another school year.  I swear it went by SO fast!!  My babies are babies no more.  Of course I had to do my end of the year pics to compare first day to last day...and here they are!!
First Day of School...
Last Day of School...
Then I went and delivered the teacher gifts for the elementary kids (Jared and Jarom).   I went to my little Jaroms kinder class and bawled like a baby...his last day of kinder...and he's my last one. So I sucked it up and trotted up to Jareds class where I bawled again!! He's on his way to Junior High. Never again to walk the halls of an elementary school. I didn't think I would get that emotional...but I did.  I'm such a baby!!  
 As for the teacher gifts I found something on my new favorite here's my version.  Couldn't make it too girly since it was coming from 2 boys but I have seen some really cute girly ones too.  

I had the boys write their message on the front of the tag and on the back of the tag was a little poem I found

The boys loved them...hopfully their teachers did too.  So sad their growing up but so glad I get to spend more time with them this summer.  It's what makes my world go round :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

things kids say

I swear Jarom comes up with the funniest last night the kids were all laying down trying to fall asleep. And they were playin Simon Says yelling across the house...
Steph - Simon says touch your nose.
Jarom (who's 6) - Simon says shut the heck up and go to sleep!!
Could. NOT. stop. laughing!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

stolen identity

So Steve's dad called the other night. Jared answered and asked him to hold on then yelled to Steve "DAD!! Grandpa Wright's on the phone!!" So Jarom looks at me with all seriousness and a disgusted look on his face and says "Mom, Grandpa Wright stole our last name? Ugh!" I just grabbed him and kissed him all over!! He's so stinkin' cute!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012