Sunday, July 26, 2009

wind and clouds

It's monsoon season here in Arizona. I love the storms we get...especially the windstorms. Man, when that wind blows it sounds fierce!! My kids say it's scary but I think it's quite pleasant. So today I'm sitting in the living room listening to the wind and watching this (my trees in the backyard)... when Jared (the 9 year old) comes running in. Out of breath and frantically calling my name (Mom) he yells, "Mawwwwm!!! You have to get out here quick!!" A little panic'd I say "Whats the matter Jared" as I get up and frantically head for the front door (thinking someone outside is hurt). "You HAVE to see this cloud Mom!! It's AWEsome!!" "Cloud? Did you just say cloud Jared? I thought someone was hurt!" "Oh...Sorry Mom, but you really have to see this cloud...and bring your camera". So I grab my camera and head back to the front door...all the while rolling my eyes and thinking "I can't believe I got up for a cloud". But when I went outside and followed the direction in which his finger was pointing (just above the Ridds house) I was awestruck. His excitement was definitely justified.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This and that

is one of the many reasons we love having mom in town. Can you say SCRUMPTIOUS?! my 30 year old cousin with my 12 year old daughter. Is she tiny or what? She paid me a surprise visit 2 Sundays ago...made my day!!
is Jarom and Steph in the windstorm earlier this was all Jarom could do to keep his eyes open. how hard the wind was blowing!! Look at her hair...crazy!
And this... is just a cuter pic of her in that same windstorm. She's growing up way too fast!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Minivan Mama

For many years I was a minivan mama. I got my first minivan back in 1999 and I drove one up until December 2008. I started with the Ford Windstar and liked it so much I bought another one. Then in 2006 I switched over to the Honda Odyssey...the cadillac of minivans!! I loved it. Often times I was teased by my close friends for actually wanting to drive a minivan. I was never embarassed and never, ever did I feel like I had to drive an SUV because everyone else had one. And then we were forced to downsize to just 1 vehicle (which is a whole other topic) and the vehicle that we ended up keeping was the one that was paid for. In our case that was a full size truck. I feel it is very comparable in size to an SUV. Now, since we're both jobless I don't feel like we drive too often but yesterday while sitting at QT filling up yet again I thought to myself "I am so sick of spending money on gas...especially for this guzzler!!" First of all, I feel no "cooler" because I'm not driving a minivan and secondly, who the heck wants to spend this much in gas just because it's a "cooler" vehicle than a minivan? NOT ME!!!
I can't wait to be a minivan mama again someday.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 amigos...and 2

If anything in life is guaranteed, it is that Jared will always be with Tate or Tyler. He is with Tate a little more than with Tyler but that's only because Tate lives on the same street and Tyler is not always over here in our neck of the woods. But when they are together, they are all so cute. They remind me of the Junior version of these three...who are also always together. And these 3 live on the same street so when I say always I mean ALWAYS!!

Steph, on the other hand, does better in two's.
But that's alright, we'll take that one day at a time!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Freedom!!

Saturday, the 4th of July, we decided to have some people over and make a day of it. Of course, the first person Steve thought to invite was his good buddy Art. Art's wife Jana and I thought we would try to take some pics of them but they said we were asking them to do a bunch of "gay" poses and refused. So we said just act like you're really deep in conversation and they did. I swear they should be models...look how real that looks. It's like on of those Kohls 4th of July ads. This is Art's wife Jana...we just love her. She's so witty. And check out her new bathing suit...very fashionable!! I loved the print, the colors, the style....just cute!! Anyways, pretty shortly after arrival Jana informed me that she read somewhere that "it's not a true 4th of July party unless the hostess has a bowl of cherries". I was way ahead of her....good thing too or she would have blogged something horrible of my hostess-ness. Here Damian and Jarom are enjoying some patriotic cupcakes (note the bowl of cherries on the table). I decided to make a Freedom cheesecake with fresh berries and such. I think it was a hit because there were no leftovers...which is always a good sign.
This was my mama's first holiday as an Arizona resident. My brother Mark graced us with his presence...which made her happy.
one last thing...doesn't hubby look hot in that pic of him and Art...I thought so.
Happy Freedom!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

without me

so Steph begged and begged me to go on a road trip with her friend for a week and half. I thought it would be too long but she insisted it wasn't. so I let her go...she has called me every day at LEAST 3 times a day!! she can't live without me...and I love it!!