Tuesday, September 15, 2009

time to have dad checked out

My parents recently moved here to AZ. I see them on a daily basis. They are very close to my kids and when they don't come over my kids panic. Which is why I was a bit stumped when I got this email from my dad last night.
Is this Stephanie?? Let me know if it's not because I have a real cute picture of her if it's not.

And attached to it was this pic...yep, that's the kid he sees every night. The one we've called Stephanie for 12 years!
I think it's time to have dad checked out.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another facebook funny

Okay, so here's what I posted on Facebook Sunday: had to work today...it sucked. I'm really bummed because I heard I missed some big changes at church today. And just so you all know, I love my enrichment calling...please no changes!! Please!!
To which someone commented back: I was there and didn't notice any big changes. Was I sleeping or something? ;o)
Now normally this wouldn't be funny but maybe this will help you understand why it is: you didn't notice anything because I'm not in your ward anymore...I haven't been for almost a year...silly!!
Her final reply: No way! Boy, am I observant or what!??? :o) I have been to busy for my own good. Well, I wish you the best! :o)

Gee, I feel loved!! This explains why no one's called to say they miss me...they haven't even noticed I'm gone!!