Wednesday, October 21, 2009

let's just say

Let's just say you had a 14 year old freshman football player and he had seminary in the middle of the day. And then, let's just say you got an email from his seminary teacher saying that he wasn't there on Friday, October 9, which was, in fact, a half day. So you called the seminary teacher and said "are you sure he wasn't there? Maybe he walked in late because I know he was at school that day". And they said "no, we're pretty sure he wasn't here". So when this 14 year old gets home from school, you ask him about the incident and he says "no mom, I was there..we sang hymn 19 and took a scripture mastery quiz". All the while sounding oh so convincing. So you say "well, I'll just call him tomorrow and make sure you turned that quiz in and that he has a grade for you and then he'll know you were there". So you both agree that that's a good way to prove he was in class and go on about your night. Later in the evening, the family sits down for scripture study and before we begin, you read them the words to a of your favorites actually..."did you think to pray?" Oh, how praying rests the weary!! Prayer will change the night to day. So when life gets dark and dreary, Don't forget to pray.
Then you send them to bed and remind them to say their personal prayers. Let's just say about 10 minutes later, that same 14 year old kid comes down, sits next to you, and says Mom, can I talk to you? Of course you say yes, because, how often does a 14 year old want to talk to Mom, right? And he proceeds to tell you that he did in fact miss seminary that day. Because his little football friends (all freshman) wanted to see what it would be like to be swept and what a better day than a half day to try it because then they would only be in there for 20 - 25 minutes (roughly). Of course, he didn't want to do it but he let himself fall to peer pressure (yeah, right!). You tell him how falling to peer pressure is a sign of weakness and that he is a leader, then you tell him that you are proud of him for telling the truth and ask him if it feels better to have that weight off of his shoulders now that he doesn't have to worry about being caught or having to lie which he smiles and shyly chuckles and says "yeeeesssss!! Mom stop!! You're making me laugh!" (Because you say things in a silly way so that you can see him smile). And then you tell him that he's still your superstar and you will advise him of his consequence tomorrow and send him to bed but not before making him tell his father the truth too.
So let's just say that was the situation...what consequence would you give?
being swept - when you are late for class, and have been locked out, security sweeps up all of the students in the halls and takes them to some classroom where they sit and do talking. (because we all know that's a lot more productive then letting them in to class a little late and to actually learn something and just giving them a tardy!!)

Monday, October 19, 2009

oh so long ago

I met my hubby, oh so long ago, at Jack In the Box. I knew his brother from high school and he brought my future hubby in with him one night. He cleaned my dining room and I made him the biggest, cholesterol filled, fat filled burger known to man, and a huge shake!! Of course I did this because I thought he was kinda cute and we all know the way to a mans heart is thru his belly. HE says that I've been trying to kill him since day 1 (not with my cooking but with the heart attack in a bag). Anyways, it must have worked because from that day forward he's been putty in my hands. Now he may try to act big and tough but that man loves me and will do or give me whatever I want!! Maybe this is why we've been married so long...I keep his belly happy and he keeps me happy.
Speaking of being married so long, today was our anniversary...and what a great anniversary it was. A little dinner, a little dancing, some wine, what more could a girl ask for? Alright, so we didn't have any wine...and we didn't dance either...but it sounded good. We did dine Red know, for the seafood lover in him!! It was great..and so is he!! I mean, what would I have done without this in my life for all these years? Love you babe!!
Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, October 15, 2009 our eyes.

I've failed to mention lately how well my son is doing in football this year. Not that I know much about the sport but I do know what a touchdown is....and man, I love it when it's my son makin' em (yes,that would be him with the ball in hand). What I don't know is why the cheerleaders have a cheer that says something about red and black when they clearly wear white in half of their games...hmmmm? Another thing I don't know is why they have to be so rough with my baby!! And why I can't go spank those boys that are tackling him and then stare down at him like he's some fellon they won't let up 'til the cops arrive. Look at that!! Even his own teammates are just starin' down at him like..."punk, you better not get back up!!" Getting back to the touchdowns though, he's made 12 so far this year (I think) and it just does something to me when he makes one. I'm like the Lion King when he holds his little cub up for all to see..."this is my baby!! And don't you forget it!!" Last night, for example, he ran a 60-65 yard was sweet!! And the voice that I had just gotten back yesterday after having been sick all's gone again. But it was worth it!! Doesn't he look like a superstar?! He is!! least in our eyes!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

these twirps

I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by. 3 more months and we'll be in a new year. I swear with every year I age, the years go by quicker and quicker. I remember when I was young and good lookin' like these twirps...
(justin before homecoming)(steph waiting for justin to get home from homecoming) (jared at his 4th grade musical...Americans All)
And speaking of these twirps, aren't they beautiful? I sure do think so!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Growing up, my parents had many great friends. There were 3 families though (including my own) that were always and still are a BIG part of our lives. We'll call these families the Browns, the Smiths, and the Jones'. I won't tell you though which family was mine or where I play a part in this story. So the Browns, Smiths and Jones' were great friends. Since we were all in the military and away from any of our extended families we considered eachother family. We spent every weekend bbq-ing, camping, or just hangin out. We spent all of our holidays together... Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, you name it, we were together. All 3 families had kids and all of us kids were VERY close. Since our families were together so often we had no choice but to hang out with eachother all the time. Well, us kids have a HUGE secret..something that some of us did and later revealed to the rest of us!! So huge that it would probably be a box office hit. So huge that one of the families suffered for it and was impacted by it for years. So huge that, if ever our parents found out, it would ruin the beautiful friendship that they all still have. Us kids are still close too...some closer than others but when we see the others every few years, we can pick up right where we left off. HOWEVER, this secret I speak of, is never mentioned. I don't think we've spoken of it since the day it happened some 20 years ago. In fact, I think if it were mentioned, it would even ruin some of our (us kids) friendships now. I always wonder if when the parents are gone, it will be spoken of, or if it will silently lurk in our memories forever...left to die with whichever one of us kids dies last.
Do you have any secrets weighing you down? Please share...tell me we're not the only ones!!! Please!!

Afterthought: it has nothing to do with any of us "hooking up". We were never involved with eachother romantically...not even once...As far as I know.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's official

I got my patriarchal blessing last month...Sept 20th at 4:45PM. Though I ditched church that day (due to my not feeling well) it was a very spiritual day. Anyways, the typed version came in the mail today. I opened it with much eagerness and read it and read it again. I love it!! I just want to go on Oprah and read it to the whole world!! Does anyone even watch Oprah anymore? Maybe Larry King? Anyways, I want to read it to the world!! So I was thinking...I got my patriarchal blessing, my temple recommend, have lots of kids and occasionally bake my own bread!! I'm an official mormon!! Yay!! what now?