Tuesday, July 22, 2014

If people looked the way they acted

So last night Steph said "If people looked the way they acted, there would be alot of really ugly  people in this world...some of the meanest people are the ones that everyone thinks are so pretty".  Which got me thinking...Can you imagine if that were the case?  People would try alot harder to be nicer to one another.
Thanks Steph!!  For giving me something to think about!  Love ya girl!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Predicament :/

So I heard from my Elder today.  He is doing wonderful!!  But he told me that he is getting a new companion.  His last companion was just waiting on a Visa and it came in so he is leaving to Australia.  His new companion is a bit of a "problem" child and they don't know what to do with him.  Justin says he hit his last companion in the back with a stick and just doesn't know when to shut his mouth.  So they have told Justin to use whatever means necessary to straighten this guy out but to make sure that he feels loved...now to us Wrights that means "beat the crap out of him" then tell him you love him when you're done...what?  It works with the kids :)  j/k 
Anyways, I am a part of this Pocatello, Idaho missionary moms facebook page and today the "problem childs" mom posted that her son was being transferred to Pocatello and that she wanted to know if his companions mom was on that page (that would be me).  She talked about how excited her son was to finally go to Pocatello...I'm thinking he has only been in the surrounding areas.  I'm not sure I want her to know that I'm on there.  What if her son writes her complaining about mine and she tries to say something to me about it?  But then again if I don't tell her I'm on that page and she says something negative about my son, my old ways might creep back up (ie. find her, dark alley, rough her up...)  What to do?!  Suggestions please (by private message)?  and thank you!! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'm glad I took the time to "friend"

I turned 40 today.  Wow...has time flown by!  I remember when I turned 30. It seems like just yesterday. So much has happened since then.  I had our 5th child, I became a mother in law AND a grandma.  I became the mother of a soldier and a missionary mom.  We moved.  And moved again.  Laughed and laughed some more.  My Space.  Blogger.  Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.  Proms, Homecomings, Sweetheart dances. I've met some GREAT people and some I'd like to forget.  
I tried to be upset about the big Four Oh but I just couldn't be.  How?  When I've got all of this.
There are some lessons,though, that I have learned over the past decade.  Most of them over the past year or so.  See, I've been part of the "in" crowd (and apparently kicked out of it) haha.  I've been part of the "cliques" and part of the "uhhh...no" crowd. I've been part of the "middle-aged" crowd and part of the "too loud and obnoxious" crowd. And quite frankly, I've enjoyed every "crowd" I've been stereotyped in.  But about a year ago I sat back and watched how LOTS of people that I associated with were so judgemental towards others.  Others that, if given the chance, would probably be really great people to get to know.  So I decided that I would go against the grain of the "crowd" I was associating with then and get to know these "less desire-ables."  I AM SO GLAD I DID!!  As a result, I have found out who really cherishes friendship and who really cherishes status quo.  I have come up with a list that I want to share.  A list that I wish I'd known or taken to heart in my 30's. Do with it what you will.  

1. Sometimes people just need a friend.  
2. That inappropriate status or picture you've seen is just one moment in someone's life..don't judge them for it.  
3. Give people a chance! (or as many chances as Christ would)
4. You never really know what is going on behind closed doors.
5. Put yourself in their shoes.
6. Never judge a book by it's cover (or a picture you might see on the internet)  
7. Treat other people's children how you would want yours treated.  
8. Treat YOUR children how you would treat others :)
9. Love your spouse...he/she is the only one that REALLY loves you for who you are.  
10. Pray for those who treat you badly. You'll learn to love them. 
11. Be happy with what you have. Otherwise you're never happy. 
12. Don't be a bully. It's not attractive. 
13. Don't ask for someone's opinion (or give them the option to comment) if you can't take it.  It only makes you look foolish. 
14. Forgive
15. Family family family...

As I head to bed tonight, my heart is full (and so is my belly). I have a wonderful family, great neighbors and friends that I'm glad I took the time to "friend".  

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Instagram - my new love

first it was blogger...then it was facebook, then twitter, then pinterest...and now I can't seem to stay off instagram.  I love that we can share our lives with eachother thru pics.  I love that we can hashtag (#) and see what others have posted under that same hashtag and I love that we can share them on the other networking sites while doing it. Here's a few samples of my IG work AND what we've been up to this summer.
 Steph's been perfecting her baking skills.  She hopes to make $ selling her baked goods one day. 
                          Emma's been growing like crazy...and getting more beautiful in the process.  
 Apparently, our fruit loves us...see the hearts?
 The pool has been much used and much enjoyed.  This is one of my favs for sure.  
 We've celebrated quite a few birthdays since January...10 to be exact.  This was Dad's cake. 
 We've enjoyed a few trips to the carwash..this IS my fav pic (to date).
 Jarom's hand is slowly growing into dad's. 
 We were able to enjoy the California sunset...oh how I miss it.  
I drive thru this daily to get to work.  I find this particular spot in the freeway quite pretty. 
and finally, A sample of how I eat these days..been trying to eat much heathier.  I've lost 23 pounds so far. 
Do you instgram?  what's your username? 
you can find me at 19juls 
see you in the IG!  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

gettin' ready...

So Justin's gettin' ready to graduate High School!  My..how time flies!!  And I can't quit thinking about when he was younger.  Just all of the little memories I have of him.  They're coming like flashbacks in a movie.  I'll be sitting at my desk or driving and suddenly I'll think of something he did as a child, his first superhero, when he pitched a no hitter, his first touchdown, the first time he passed sacrament, the first time he blessed the sacrament,  his first date, his first dance, etc...
And then I wonder where the time went.  I know I did all I could to make sure I was there for him.  But was it enough?  Should I have done anything differently?  talked with him a little more instead of played on facebook...taken him out on mother/son dates a few more times...called him a little more.  I'll never know if what I did was enough but I do know that he will NEVER know how much of an impact he has been in my life and how he makes us all smile with his quote of every movie line and his silly little jokes.   Life goes by way too fast...and I don't think I like it. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I wonder...

Does anyone even read this anymore?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I need to be okay...

Tonight I'm sad.  Really sad.  For tomorrow would have been Justin's first football game of his senior year.  Though the game starts at 7 I would have been there at 530 to save seats for "our crowd"...of course, I'd be wearing one of my hundreds of Desert Ridge T-shirts from my collection that has it's own cabinet in our house.  I would have strategically placed purses, water bottles, towels and anything else I could think of over about 4 or 5 rows of seats and frantically waited for all of our friends to show up.  As the little siblings would run off and play who knows where until 10 when the game ends, us adults would have laughed, yelled, chatted and bit our nails off together all night long.  There'd be Sea Salt and Black Pepper sunflower seeds all over the bleachers with a few empty Sonic cups.  I'd have my red ice chest filled to the rim with fruit, waters, capri suns and string cheese for all the kiddos and one of my hubbys burly friends would carry it down for me at the end of the night.  We'd walk down to the field, let the boys sing their fight song to us and wait to hug our smelly players.  My hubby would be hoarse and we would go home talking crap about Coach Hathcock and his crappy calls only to eagerly anticipate next weeks game.
          But this year, unlike the past 3, I won't have a son on the field.  I'll really have no reason to be there other than the fact that I looked forward to it for so long that I'll HAVE to go.  Justin will be just another face in the stands and not someone who will excite us just by wearing the uniform.  He will walk around like all the other students flirtin' with the ladies and having push up competitions.  I know deep down he'll be missing it, wishing he were still in the middle of all the excitement down on the field.  Cursing Coach under his breath but wanting desperately to be out there with his team.  Then he'll remember the way he worked so hard for nothing and will be glad he made the decision he did and he'll be okay with it.  Which I guess means I need to be okay with it too...
Go D-Ridge!!