Monday, May 5, 2014

Predicament :/

So I heard from my Elder today.  He is doing wonderful!!  But he told me that he is getting a new companion.  His last companion was just waiting on a Visa and it came in so he is leaving to Australia.  His new companion is a bit of a "problem" child and they don't know what to do with him.  Justin says he hit his last companion in the back with a stick and just doesn't know when to shut his mouth.  So they have told Justin to use whatever means necessary to straighten this guy out but to make sure that he feels to us Wrights that means "beat the crap out of him" then tell him you love him when you're done...what?  It works with the kids :)  j/k 
Anyways, I am a part of this Pocatello, Idaho missionary moms facebook page and today the "problem childs" mom posted that her son was being transferred to Pocatello and that she wanted to know if his companions mom was on that page (that would be me).  She talked about how excited her son was to finally go to Pocatello...I'm thinking he has only been in the surrounding areas.  I'm not sure I want her to know that I'm on there.  What if her son writes her complaining about mine and she tries to say something to me about it?  But then again if I don't tell her I'm on that page and she says something negative about my son, my old ways might creep back up (ie. find her, dark alley, rough her up...)  What to do?!  Suggestions please (by private message)?  and thank you!! 

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