Monday, September 29, 2008

These is my words

Okay, I loved this book!! It makes me want to run around and yell out words like ornery or cantankerous!! I fell in love with Captain Jack Elliott from the beginning. I guess I would though...I've always liked those "ornery" types. Just look at my Steve!! Although he himself is a little cantankerous at times, I do love him!! Anyways, I advise you all to run out and read this I!!! In the meantime, I'll be learning how to make soap or shoot a rifle or something Sarah-esque like that.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm a wimp!!

A week and 2 days ago I held lunch bunch at my house. This is where a group of ladies from church (anyone who wants to) comes and we all bring a dish. We usually have a theme such as salads, mexican, soups, whatever. Anyways, when everyone was here on Thursday someone called me and as I turned to look at them I got a sudden pain in my knee. I tried to ignore it until everyone was gone. And that night it began to hurt a little more. Well, as time has gone by now, it has progressively gotten worse. Thursday it became excrutiatingly painful and I literally could not walk. I have been taking ibuprofen and when I do, the pain seems to go away for a while but once it wears off I feel as though I am being stabbed in the knee. Now I would like to think that I can withstand some serious pain but I guess since it is so bothersome and I am complaining about it then maybe I can't. There, I admitted it...I'm a wimp!!
I once gave birth to a 10 pound 10 ounce baby. That's right, no epidural! I did have what they call a sitting dose though...don't know what that is but let me tell you...I felt it all!! Anyways, if I had to compare the pain in my knee to anything it would be comparible to that birth. That's right...if it were possible to give birth thru the knee, this is what it would feel like...I know it for sure!!
Now that I'm done whining, I'd like to wish you all a Happy Sabbath. Please pray for me and my child bearing painful knee...this may just drive me to inactivity!! I can't hardly take it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mi Vida Loca...a little long..but crazy!

I got up this morning and, due to recent events that have taken place, decided I would go to the school for a friendly visit. Upon arrival, the bell rang. As all of the students rushed into their classrooms to get settled in for the day I ran into Stephs teacher from last year and chatted with her for a minute in the hallway. By the time we were done chatting the teacher that I actually went to see had a classroom full of kids. When I walked in to say hi, she was no where to be found. I asked the students where she was and they told me that she was in the classroom next door because the substitute for that class never arrived. I waited there for her and when she came back in she looked a little flustered and said..."hi...sorry about that...I'm dealing with 2 classes right now because their sub never got here". I said "oh, well if it would help I can take that class". Not thinking she would really hand them over to me. Well, she did. She walked me into the teacherless class and said "class, this is Mrs Wright. She'll be sitting with you until a teacher arrives". Next thing I knew, I was barking orders, doing timed math tests and collecting lunch money!! After about 20 minutes, I was replaced. I was a little bummed to leave them. They were such a great class!! I grew quite fond of them. It was actually quite fun. I think I may one day go to school to do that for a living. I could definitely see myself bossing around 30 or so punks!!
Anyways, when I left the school I went to Walgreens and as I was leaving the parking lot of Walgreens I look up and see 2 guys arguing. One of them had a golf club in his hand and was stepping toward the other guy. The other guy was backing up with his hands in the air and yelling "help, someone help, this guys crazy!!". I immediately called 911 and while on the phone with the 911 operator a crowd began to form. Everyone looked a little worried and frantic so I rolled down my window to tell them all that I had dialed 911. The victim in this duo (the one with no golf club) came running up to my truck and said "let me in, please, he's crazy!!..He thinks I just robbed his vacuum shop!! he's going to kill me". While yelling all this at me, he is frantically pulling at my door handles..."please!! Let me in!!". I could see the golf club freak coming up behind him towards my truck so I yelled "get in!!". I put the pedal to the medal and sped off around the building. All the while being on the phone with 911. The 911 operator said "um, ma'am, did you just let someone in your vehicle?". Yes, I replied. She said "do not leave the Walgreens parking lot!! You have no idea who this man is...stay on the phone with me until the police arrive". Okay, I said. Then, it hit me, who is this guy? I mean, what if he's as big a freak as the other one. Immediately, he started asking me to drive him to his friends house...he said "Look ma'am, I don't want no trouble...I don't want to press charges, I just want to get away from that guy. I'm on probation!! I can't be having the cops questioning me". I said, no, I was told to stay in the parking lot. he said "well can you just drive me to the far end of the parking lot then?". So then, I thought, somethings up...he really doesn't want to deal with the cops!! Then I placed him under citizens arrest and everyone praised me and the cops gave me some leftover donuts!! Just Kidding. But I did beging to worry and told him to get out right there. By this time the cops were behind my vehicle and I felt safe. While questioning me though, he disappeared and so did the golf club freak. So there I was...the innocent bystander being questioned while the 2 idiots got away. I kept saying.."the golf club freak owns a vacuum store...go find the vacuum store and you will find him". They had 4 cars with 2 officers each and no one could find either guy. Once I was let go, I went straight to the vacuum store and found the guy...I did explain to him that I didn't know who the other guy was and he just got in my truck. He said that the guy had just robbed him and that he turned me in as the guys accomplice. I assured him I wasn't and gave him a business card to have the police call me. He thanked me and I drove off. Wow!! What a day!!
So now, I don't know, should I be a 6th grade teacher and bark orders? A cop and find vacuum shops? (you know, since the cops cant) or an accomplice? I think I did well at all 3 roles.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just another day

Today I:
~drove Justin to school and he told me a funny story about some kid who fell out of a tree
~called my mom just to tell her I love her
~called my dad to ask him why he yelled at me 23 years ago when I called him "dude"
~stopped 2 police officers and asked them if my hubby could legally shoot someone with a paintball gun if we caught them in the act of breaking into our truck...we will catch them!!
~talked to an NFL one special but none-the-less
~made bratwursts
~wondered if I should tell Jana how I really feel about politics and the presidential candidates...I don't like to share that info or discuss it because when people don't see things my way I get really mad!! Then I want to hit 'em :) j/k
~tucked my kids into bed...Steph pointed out the star that she wishes on every night...she said ever since she started wishing on that star all of her wishes come true. I told her that I would wish on it tonight and my wish would be for her room to be spotless tomorrow...We'll see if that star is as miraculous as she thinks!! Then I tucked Jared in and he said the Vicks wasn't working because he still couldn't breathe through one nostril and he would be really mad if he had to miss school tomorrow.
Just another day in the Wright Life...and I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pumpkin Eater

So Steph and I got up early yesterday and made pumpkin bread. Actually, she made it and I just greased the pan. When all of the boys woke up, including Steve, all they could smell was the sweet scent of fall baking in the air. She then made Oatmeal for the family for breakfast. She has become quite interested in the kitchen which makes me very happy. She is also really into shopping with me and has learned how to pick produce so when we are out shopping she is in charge of picking it all for the family. We then proceeded to make homemade bread. Lets just say Steve was in heaven all day. He likes nothing more than to eat fresh baked bread. Anyways, we set all of our baked goods aside for dinner and dessert. After church, we were all sitting in the living room talking and Jarom disappeared. I'm sure you can imagine what happened got it!! This is what I walked in to...a big chunk missing out of the pumpkin bread!! Now how did he know which one would be the sweet one? The Little Punk!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

09/11...just blabbering

I did not want to post about 9-11 yesterday because it REALLY affected me. I remember every detail of that morning (as is the case with many, I'm sure). I remember the feeling of worry as I thought that we were under attack. I just thought "how many more planes are going to go down by days end?" I remember wanting to get home as soon as I could to hold my babies..and wondering if they knew what was going on and if they were scared? I cried for days. I love this country!! I can't stand when people complain about our president or our government or how things are run. If you don't like it, then move. I hear Venezuela has a great leader (written with sarcasm)!! I guarantee, everyone that complains about this country wouldn't last a day anywhere else. I can't stand when people disrespect our flag. I can't stand those who move to this country and then fly their Mexican flag in front of their homes. If you are so dang proud of Mexico, then why'd you leave? Go back!! We don't want to pay your medical bills own family doesn't even have insurance. I think my strong feelings about this subject are due to my patriotic background. I grew up with a father who served 3 tours in Vietnam. He was in the Marine Corps for 28 long years...and loved every minute of it. I grew up in military housing..I knew the Marine Corps hymn before I knew Mary Had a Little Lamb...really.
Anyways, this is why I didn't post yesterday...because I would have talked about it and I didn't feel like crying. But I made the mistake of turning the TV on last night and the history channel had a few shows on about 9-11. I cried...and cried...and cried. And then I was up all night. I couldn't get 9-11 out of my mind. I had 2 bad dreams (which I never have) and just kept tossing and turning. And every time I woke up I thought about the happenings of that day. So needless to say, I should have just blogged all about it and gotten it all out of my system. Then maybe, I would have woken up with my kids today...thank goodness for hubby who got them off to school for me.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mr Clean

Friday night Jarom helped me clean my bathroom. I always have old t-shirts or socks on hand to clean with so I can just throw them away when I'm done. Jarom always tries to put these rags in the hamper and I always have to tell him that these are old rags and we can just throw them away.
Well, Sunday night I went to a baptism and when I walked thru the door I got a strong smell of Clorox Clean Up. What's that smell? I asked. Of course, no one could smell a thing. What smell? they all muttered while being intrigued by whatever it was they were doing. Uh, the smell of bleach!! Where's the baby? I said. Of course, I knew I had left the Clorox Clean Up in my bathroom so I headed straight upstairs...Calling his name as I made my way up the stairs. Jarom!! Huh, he said. What are you doing? He came running out of my bathroom...I'm kweening da fwooa (cleaning the floor, for those of you that don't speak toddler). Wook!! As he pointed in the bathroom...the floor was soaked in clorox clean up and he had grabbed some random clothes out of the hamper and cleaned with them. Wonder where he learned to clean with clothes? And then this morning, I got up early and mopped the smelled so fresh in here. Well, I went upstairs to get a load of clothes and by the time I got back downstairs he had gone in the backyard and brought the dogs water bowl in and was mopping my floor with the dog water!! I couldn't get mad though...he is so darn cute!! Anyways, Here is whats left of Jareds shorts from the Clorox Clean Up incident on Sunday...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Young Love

Long ago, when we decided to move to this desert they call Mesa, we were in the Eastridge ward. We were one of 3 families that were new to the ward. And all 3 families had kids that were going into 8th grade. Josh became really good friends with one of them. Her name is Julia. I was her moms visiting teacher and I just fell in love with both Julia and her mom. We moved away from that ward 3 years ago and Josh and Julia have stayed in touch. Never dating, always just claiming to be "best friends". Well, when Josh was away at boot camp he called me one night and told me that he thought he was going to ask Julia out when he got home. I told him that I didn't think it would be a good idea because once you date you can never go back to being "just friends". And as he always has, he ignored my advice and dated her anyways. They have been inseperable since the night he got home. I have always liked Julia...she is sweet, fun, and moral. And she wears her young womens medallion with pride. I figured since it has been almost 3 months, I would post a pic of the 2 of them. They are just really cute together. Ahhh, young love!! Remember that?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today...My life's so exciting!!

~I didn't do any laundry...I'll regret it tomorrow
~I didn't go to football...I'll never regret that
~I went to visit Jaroms old babysitter who is getting ready to move to CO
~I went to lunch with my hubby..nothing special, just Arbys
~I talked to my best friend in CA...she just had a root canal
~I talked to my mama...they were getting ready to eat. I said I would call back later when they weren't eating
~I called back and talked to my daddy..they were eating ice cream...notice a trend here? They're always eating!!
~I went to Wal-Mart for Dog Food, shampoo, man soap and deodorant
~I talked to Jodi..someone I've only met once and never hung out with but would like to. She is really cool and we seem to have a lot in common.
~Justin said family prayer and it was came from the heart.