Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what would you have done?

Last night I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart. Upon entering the store, I stumbled upon a group of 3 women and a 2 or 3 year old boy who was crying the whole way out of the store. Every 5 or 6 seconds one of them would yell at him to stop and proceed to spank him. She'd swat him a couple of times, he'd wail, she'd tell him to stop and then spank him again. Two things ran thru my mind as I tried not to look as we crossed paths...1) Now how smart is that? Because you know, every kid I meet just gets spanked and immediately stops crying. and 2) should i trip her and watch her fall flat on her face?! That would serve her right!! But then I thought that would send me straight to hell and probably get the kid beat more because she'd be mad. So, I walked in the store, raised my eyebrows at the greeter and went about my business. So, what would you have done?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

making memories

Last week, while anxiously awaiting the arrival of our best friends Scott and Lori, it dawned on me that in the 15 years we've been hanging out we have no pics of just the 4 of us. Of course, we've got tons of the kids...but none of us. So I told myself that while they were here, we would take some. Of course, as always, time flew by. And before we knew it we were on our last day with them. So I broke out the camera...knowing I wouldn't get what I was hoping for but hopeful, none the less.Uncle Scott and aunt Lori only have 2 kids...Chris and Mariah. Chris is 20 and Mariah is 14. Unfortunately, we never get to see the whites of Chris' eyes anymore...and such beautiful eyes they are! He's too old and mature to come visit us these days. He's into his own things like...his band! Which I hear is doing well...they are touring up and down the Coast and in a month or two they are going to Oregon and Washington. I hope he remembers us little people when he's big and famous. Chris and our older son Josh are the same age and back when Josh was still at home, he and Chris were just like these 2!!! Who think the world revolves around them.Mariah is freakin hilarious! When she and Steph get together, they are absolutely crazy! They sit around and speak to us in various accents, they do their make up and hair all day and they take 15 showers each! The end result is this...not 1 beautiful girl, but two!!They just informed us that they're going to college together and are going to be roommates. I'm not sure I like this plan. Because if they're anything like their mama's, they'll be in more trouble than they can handle...Heaven help us!!It's our tradition that whenever Uncle Scott and Aunt Lori come, we go to Old Country Buffet. Don't ask me why...because we could eat so much better somewhere else, for a lot less money but the kids all look so forward to it now that we can't possibly let them down. Which is obviously not the place to take pictures. Not only because we're too busy laughing and thinking back to prior visits at this fine eating establishment but because we get so dang full...and it's hard to look good when you're that full. Here's a fine example of that. And just when Steve was willing to give me a great pic of the 4 of us, the "center of our worlds" jumped in the though it were all about them!! Good byes are always the hardest. My kids never want to let them go! One year, Steph and Mariah cried so hard they hyperventilated...Mariah was in their car with her hands up on the window in such dramatic fashion and on the other side of the window was Steph with her hands on the window begging her not to go, trying to run with the van, hands still on the window as they drove off. It was so bad Uncle Scott had to stop the car and let Mariah out just for one last hug. So then Lori and I start balling and...well, it was too much!! Another year, Jared chased the van down the street crying begging them not to go...another tear jerker for Lori and I. One year, it was raining REALLY hard so when we opened the door to walk them to their car, the kids just took off!! Running in the rain...ALL OF THEM!! This was back when Josh and Chris were still in the picture and though they didn't want to admit it, they didn't like good byes either. Finally after 15 minutes of running in the rain they tired themselves out and Chris and Mariah just got in the car, they drove off as we stood out in the rain waving. I think Lori and I cried that time too. Oh well!!!...these are the memories that will make our past so fond in about 20 more years. Maybe then we'll get the pic I want :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And the Winner is...

Jolene!! I can't believe you didn't post the last 2 days of the challenge!! What were you thinking?! Jolene was smart enough to put hers on auto pilot...she pretyped them all and then scheduled them to automatically post. Pretty clever huh? And to lose it all in the last 2 should be ashamed of yourself!! But I guess that means Congratulations to Jenifer! Who sometimes had to type from work or early the next day but had 31 posts none the less. Great Job Jenifer!! And for that you will be receiving a gift card from one of my favorite places...SONIC!! And if you use it right (during happy hour) you could get a lot out of this one little card. So I will get it to you in the next couple of days. Thanks so much for posting!! Sorry I failed to comment a lot...haven't been my normal energetic self lately. It took all I could do just to post on somedays. I'd like to give a shout out to Bonnie and Alli too as they both did excellent at regular posts as well. Thanks ladies. Lets keep this up!!