Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What a difference a year makes!!

January 2008 - We own our own business. It's a plumbing business...Bulldogs Plumbing. We have 6 employees. Our shop is in Tempe...big...lots of office space and a huge warehouse!! We own our own home...a humble tri-level home that backs up to Dobson High School. It's not much but we love it because it's ours. Though we have invested much blood, sweat, time and hard work into the house we know there is so much more to do. But we don't care because it is ours. Josh graduated last month (a semester early) and will leave for boot camp this month. My kids love coming home from school because they know mom will be there when they get home. I haven't worked in years (except for our own business). I am fortunate enough to get to stay home. I go out to lunch with my friends at least 3 times a week. I go shopping whenever I want. Don't get me wrong, I am very frugal...love thriftshopping and yard sale-ing. I am an avid Coupon Senser and love to see what I can get free or very cheap. But when I want something I go out and get it. Though we are not rich, I can honestly say that my kids have never known what it is like to not be able to afford something. For the most part, when they want something, they get it. They may have to wait a few weeks but they get it. Eating out is nothing special to them...they often get to eat out. I order a minimum of 6 cans from the cannery every month (usually more) and you should see my food storage!! I love to just open my pantry and look at how well we have stocked it up.
December 2008 - Not only do we not have employees but we no longer own a business. Due to the economy and decrease in new construction and service calls we had to close it. Our file cabinets, phones, computers and any other office equipment you can think of sadly sit in our garage...just a memory of what once paid our bills. That humble little home...we lost that too. We are now "renters". Josh graduated boot camp. He is now living on his own and engaged to be married. The other kids will no longer come home to mommy for I have to go out and get a job. I have put it off long enough and we are now out of time and money. They will soon be latchkey kids. They've learned that they can't always get what they want and that we just can't afford some things. To them, eating out is a treat now...which only happens once every 2 or 3 months. As for my shopping and lunch habits...well, those have changed. I still yard sale and thriftshop but that's about it. And that food storage...it's no longer so stocked up. We used lots of it this summer when not one call came into the office.
Though this is my personal story, it is not much different than most Americans right now. What is different is that I feel very blessed. Blessed to have ever even experienced "the american dream". And though this year has been tough on many, there is light in my life. My kids are alive and healthy. My husband loves me. I have a capable body that can still go out and work. And together, we will overcome this.
What a difference a year makes!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at the Wrights

My parents came to town last Saturday. We've been doing nothing but shopping and eating!! Christmas was great (other than the fact that my kids were up before 6)!! Santa was good to me. I got a KitchenAid...I was so happy. I have wanted one for years!! So I literally spent all day baking. I made AWESOME Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. Then I made dinner rolls...can you say yummy!!!?? Then I made Cinnamon Rolls. I made tons of cinnamon rolls!! I made the mistake of making them and delivering them without first trying them to make sure they were okay. When I got home after all of my deliveries I tried them and much to my surprise, I did NOT like them...not one bit!! Sorry Pioneer Woman but that recipe is not all you made it out to be!! I mean, they were okay but I definitely would not have delivered them knowing they weren't mouth watering good. Sorry neighbors for delivering unimpressive cinnamon rolls...the cookies were great though and most of my neighbors got those too.
The kids all got what they wanted so they wore smiles on their little faces all day which is what mama likes to see.
Steph got a straightening iron...zebra print!! Justin got his finger football game...NFL and Chargers logo'd Jared got the bike he wanted...named just for him...the "rebel". And lastly, Jarom got a basketball hoop...he loved it!! played all day...practicing to be the next San Antonio Spur!! By the way, did you see them beat the Suns? It was great!! Hope yours was great too!! Won't be posting much next week as I tend not to get on the computer too much when mama's here. By the way, what time were your kids up??

Sunday, December 21, 2008


So, out of curiosity, do you buy each of your kids the same amount of gifts? If so, how many per kid? Or do you do it by amount spent per kid? how do you determine what your kids will get?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town

It's true peeps!! He IS coming...and he's coming in a HUGE Coke Truck! You see, I have perfect children and therefore, they got a sneak peek!! And whoa Nellie!! This truck makes his sleigh look wimpy...which tells me lots of kids were good this year so he had to upgrade to this..Yes, that's a trailer bed to a semi...and I do believe there's a little something in there for everyone that made the "nice" list (I hope I'm one of them).

Okay, so my kids aren't perfect!! The real story goes a little something like this...The chitlins and I were headed to Wal-Mart for a little shopping and when we pulled into the parking lot that Coke Truck was all we could see. It just stuck out like a sore thumb (wonder why?). All lit up and people all around it, we just had to go see what all the fuss was. Lo and behold, the big guy was there!! And he was taking pics with everyone...for FREE!! Not only that, but he brought his mailbox...for any last minute requests. Pretty cool, huh? What a surprise it was to find all of this right there in front of the local Wal-Mart!! Good thing I had the chitlins with me. I love Christmas...Oh how I love Christmas. And Coke!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lets take a vote

If you were within...say 10 miles of my home and you happened to be someone that was nice to me and someone that I wanted to bring a little treat to..would you prefer:
1) A Christmas card with some baked goods before Christmas OR
2) A New Years card with homemade tamales a couple days before New Years
Just wondering...

We found another reason to party...Jared turned 9!!

We celebrated Jared's 9th birthday last night. Apparently, this made Tate and Remmy very happy!! It gave me a reason to stuff some cake in my mouth!!
And my father in a law a reason to stuff some ice cream in his.My mother in law (one of them) pondered all night...
As Steve pondered with her...okay, maybe they were just posing. But we thought it was funny.
The rest of the gang succomed to peer pressure and ate like pigs! This is Steph wondering how she got stuck surrounded by a bunch of boys and some really immature adults.
Here's Joseph, our neighbor boy, who probably went home and told his parents we were freaks because we were all acting so silly...he didn't want to take his picture but after I threatened him, he gave into my demands!! He loved it though!! "I'm having fun" is written all over his face!

The birthday boy (Jared)...such a Wright!!

His older brother...what a freak!! (guess it runs in the family)

But the real party animals could care less about the food...they were too busy jammin' out on Guitar Hero!!
Good Times!! Good Times!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Sabbath Day question

I love midnight trips to Wal-Mart (because there are fewer people) and sometimes I don't get home until 1 or 2 in the morning. So if you're out shopping on a Saturday night (as I often am) and you don't get home until after midnight (as I often do) is that considered breaking the Sabbath? Why or Why not?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

not too much to talk about

Don't know why I haven't blogged at all this week. Guess there's not too much to talk about. I guess I could think of a few things but nothing too interesting...I got a new calling at church Sunday ..Enrichment committee. I subbed in a Bunko group tonight...they were a nice enough group of gals, all very quiet and well behaved (2 things I long to be...well, not really..but something my hubby longs for me to be). I fooled 'em all. How do I know? Because they apologized to me for their behavior tonight...well, not so much their behavior but their topic of conversation (Obama)...it took me a minute to figure out if they were serious or not. Obviously, they know me not, for if they did, they would know that it takes a lot more than that to offend me...and I was thinking alot worse than what they were saying. Lets see, what else has gone on this week...I think that's all. Life is really dull right now for the most part. Sorry.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

heaters anyone?

So has anyone started using their heaters yet? I haven't. I try to hold out as long as possible (you know, cause I'm cheap). But every morning when I get out of the shower I wonder if my cheapness is worth all of my cold, frigid, wet, suffering. Then, I think, we live in Arizona for goodness sake!! You're not supposed to use your heater in Arizona!! I mean, isn't that why we have so many freakin' snowbirds here(who by the way, bring out the worst in me when I'm driving)...because we have the perfect weather? Then, I think of my relatives in Texas who are already suffering below freezing temperatures and think "be tough Julie!! This is nothing!!" all the while scraping what has now formed to be icicles off of my fingernails and eyelashes.
So tell me...am I wimp? Are you using your heaters yet? Can I start using mine? Jana, what would you do? You know, because you are my role model and all?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

can I just say?

Can I just say that I can't stand when you haven't talked to someone in a really long time and then you decide to be the bigger person and call them. Then, in the midst of conversation, they say how long it's been since they've heard from you and were wondering if we were still even "friends". Yeah, I hate that. Correct me if I'm wrong but the phone does work both ways doesn't it? And, we wouldn't even be talking now had I not have called you, right? I'm just saying....
Thanks for listening!!

Lazy Bums!!

This morning I woke the kids as I always do. Steeeepppphhh, Jaaaaareeed, time to wake up. They moaned a little and told me they were cold. Then they each gave me their daily list of ailments that should prevent them from going to school. This morning, Stephs throat hurt her and Jared had a headache and his stomach hurt. "Alright" I said. "get dressed..you'll forget all about it once you're there and with your friends". Of course, they forgot about it before they were even out of my room and that was that. "Dont forget to brush your teeth guys!!" "Oh and Steph, don't forget to take your Advair!!" Then I went on to do my own morning routine of getting dressed, picking Jaroms outfit out for the day and brushing my teeth. I woke Jarom who was also not in the mood to get up. I went on about my business when I stopped...took a long listen...and much to my surprise, heard nothing. No fighting amongst the 3rd and 6th grader, no little feet running in the upstairs hall, no cries for mom. "something's wrong here" I thought. This is not how my house is supposed to sound in the morning!! There should be noise...and lots of it!! When I went to see what they were all up to, this is what I found....
Lazy Bums!! Their just like their father!! (By the way, can you totally tell, Jarom was fakin' it?)

Family Babies

There are 3 babies on my hubbys side of the family under the age of 3. Actually they were all born within 14 months of eachother. This is the family baby...his name is Lucas. Is he cute or what? He decided to join us for Thanksgiving. And being the youngest, was the best behaved of them all!! By now, we all know Jarom...Cute and oh so spoiled!! He can do nothing wrong in his mama's eyes. This is why it was so cute when he and Toma got in to the chocolate cupcakes!!
Who's Toma you ask? Well, take a look below...if you can find him!! Yes, that would be him under all of the chocolate. He has the cutest little face when it is clean. He and Jarom were partners in crime on Thursday.

I have a feeling we're in for a world of trouble with these 3...only time will tell.