Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm feeling a little jipped this morning. I went on to the pioneer womans blog to catch up on her book trip only to find that MM and boys tagged along and signed books with her!! What did we do so wrong here in Phoenix that we weren't special enough for this treat so many others got to enjoy? I'm demanding my $ back!! Or a special trip out here just for me. I'd make her some tamales...and my famous chicken tacos. Think she'll come?

a little later in the morning: Okay, I sent her this...Hey Ree, I live out here in Mesa, Az where it's still 80 degrees...AND where MM and boys did NOT accompany you to the book signing!! Though I enjoyed meeting Melissa and your MIL I must admit I'm feeling a bit jipped not having MM's signature in this treasure of a cookbook...not to mention the boys!! Please advise me of how soon you can get them out here as I plan to have some fresh tamales waiting for them and maybe some chicken tacos before they leave. Oh, btw...your invited too.
What do you think she'll say?

Monday, November 23, 2009

My party

Wow!! It's been a while since I blogged last. I have been rather busy. This whole working out of the home thing is still throwing me for a loop!! My poor kids grades are suffering and I know that has to do with my not being here to help them. Scouts and Sports practice is missed more than it is attended because I'm at work and they just don't remember. Jared played a whole season of flag football including the playoffs and I made it to 1 game. I haven't been to church in forever because I have only had 1 Sunday off since I started working there in early August and no Saturdays off. I'm totally hating it!! Yes, I'm just feeling sorry for myself. And as my hubby would say...Thanks for attending my pity party!! Even if you didn't RSVP.

Friday, November 6, 2009

the CEO and the Pioneer woman

So I was getting ready for work yesterday and thought to myself "hmmmm, I wonder when the Pioneer woman is going to be here". I knew she was coming because I had read it on her blog recently. So I run to the computer fearing I had missed her and much to my surprise she was scheduled to be here that day!! I told myself that I would definitely find a way to be there and that I wasn't going to call 8 million people and tell them because then that would add to the crowd that I would already have to fight to see her.

Then, my phone rang.

me: Hello?

Hi Julie, It's Rebecca (my boss)

me: Hey Rebecca, what's up?

I have you scheduled to work alone today until 2.

me: oooookay? (rolling my eyes and wondering why she felt the need to call me and tell me this...I work alone all the time)

Well, rumor has it that Renato Cataldo is in town so I just wanted to give you a heads up. There's a chance he may stop by our studio (with excitement and a little nervousness in her voice).

me: alllright, who's Renato Cataldo? And why is he coming to see me?

UHHH, the CEO of the company!! And he's making surprise visits to some studios in the valley. (then she gives me the whole talk about what I should do if someone walks up to the counter and how I should be friendly and recognize them know, because I'm so unfriendly and never do that ANYWAYS!!)

So we hang up and I go to work. Then the phone rings at work and it's a manager from another studio...Hi Julie, It's Chris...has Renato shown up there? (all the while hyperventilating and sounding very nervous)

me: no but I'll call you if he does

okay. Thanks Julie...I'm so nervous.

me: no prob...bye!!

Once I hung up I wondered why everyone was so flustered by this? I mean, he's the CEO. He's a normal person like you and me. It's not like the president was stopping by. The way I feel about it is as so: If you're doing your job and you're doing it right, then you have nothing to worry about. Right?

So about an hour later, I'm on the phone with Rebecca again and who walks up to my counter but the CEO. He was actually quite nice and didn't have a negative thing to say. He asked me a few personal many kids?, all from the same marriage?, what I did before I worked there?, etc. Of course, I had to brag about my freshman who's on the varsity football team!! Then I had to argue with him when he said if it was Soccer then he would care. But since it's just football, he just can't get that excited. All in all it was a great experience and I was thrilled to have met him. Not many associates get that opportunity.

I was off by 2 and decided I would go meet the pioneer woman. I went by myself and met lots of really nice people. A little later in the evening I called Diane who lives just 2 miles from there and she came and spent the evening with me just hanging out and chit chatting. I'd never been to a book signing before and I've always wanted to meet the pioneer woman!! And yes, I did get her cookbook! Good times, good times!!