Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Instagram - my new love

first it was blogger...then it was facebook, then twitter, then pinterest...and now I can't seem to stay off instagram.  I love that we can share our lives with eachother thru pics.  I love that we can hashtag (#) and see what others have posted under that same hashtag and I love that we can share them on the other networking sites while doing it. Here's a few samples of my IG work AND what we've been up to this summer.
 Steph's been perfecting her baking skills.  She hopes to make $ selling her baked goods one day. 
                          Emma's been growing like crazy...and getting more beautiful in the process.  
 Apparently, our fruit loves us...see the hearts?
 The pool has been much used and much enjoyed.  This is one of my favs for sure.  
 We've celebrated quite a few birthdays since January...10 to be exact.  This was Dad's cake. 
 We've enjoyed a few trips to the carwash..this IS my fav pic (to date).
 Jarom's hand is slowly growing into dad's. 
 We were able to enjoy the California sunset...oh how I miss it.  
I drive thru this daily to get to work.  I find this particular spot in the freeway quite pretty. 
and finally, A sample of how I eat these days..been trying to eat much heathier.  I've lost 23 pounds so far. 
Do you instgram?  what's your username? 
you can find me at 19juls 
see you in the IG!  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

gettin' ready...

So Justin's gettin' ready to graduate High School! time flies!!  And I can't quit thinking about when he was younger.  Just all of the little memories I have of him.  They're coming like flashbacks in a movie.  I'll be sitting at my desk or driving and suddenly I'll think of something he did as a child, his first superhero, when he pitched a no hitter, his first touchdown, the first time he passed sacrament, the first time he blessed the sacrament,  his first date, his first dance, etc...
And then I wonder where the time went.  I know I did all I could to make sure I was there for him.  But was it enough?  Should I have done anything differently?  talked with him a little more instead of played on facebook...taken him out on mother/son dates a few more times...called him a little more.  I'll never know if what I did was enough but I do know that he will NEVER know how much of an impact he has been in my life and how he makes us all smile with his quote of every movie line and his silly little jokes.   Life goes by way too fast...and I don't think I like it. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I wonder...

Does anyone even read this anymore?