Monday, June 30, 2008

the past 2 weeks...

Okay, so what haven't I done these past 2 weeks? First and foremost, my Josh came home from boot camp and AIT!!! It was so good to see him!! And after all this time, Jarom, who I still call the baby, did not forget him. The first night he was home Jarom only wanted him and wouldn't leave his side. We made a big sign on a sheet and hung it on our garage and then we had signs on posterboard and Steph and Julia held them up at the airport...his arrival was anything but discrete!!
Much to my surprise, my parents showed up the night before Josh got home. I was sitting at one of Stephs All-Star games and they just popped up right behind me. I was so surprised!! So they were here until Saturday. And when mama's here Julie doesn't spend any time on the computer which explains my lack of posts. Don't get me wrong, I had nightly withdrawals and I longed for my fingers to be tapping the keyboard but my mother is a no nonsense kind of woman. She believes that the man should have dinner right when he walks through the door of his spotless home and so we work all the live long day!!! She also believes that one should go to bed in a spotless home so that they can wake up to a pleasantly clean home. And when we were not cleaning, we were doing her 2nd favorite!! Now I don't mind this pasttime at all!! Steven officically thanked her for buying me my 72nd pair of shoes (no, I don't really own this many...but I can no longer close my closet because there are so many shoes in there) and for my daughters wardrobe which now exceeds Jackie Kennedy's.
We had fun!! It was great!! I miss her already, however, I am happy to be back in my world of blog!!
Sorry for the lack of pics...hubbys out of town with my camera and my memory card from Josh's homecoming!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

These 2 wonderful people are the ones you have to thank for bringing me into this world!! They were married on this day 35 years ago!! And I came into the picture exactly 9 months and 3 days later (hmmmm, was that punishment or reward...I think sometimes they wonder). They are the perfect example of Trust, Commitment, Loyalty and most importantly, Love. My mother treats him like there is no one else in this world. And he treats her the exact same way. They wake up every morning, have their coffee together, feed the birds, watch the birds, he showers, she irons his clothes, he goes to work, she cleans the house (every square inch if it). When he comes home, she makes his dinner while he takes a brief nap and then they dine together. Now, on most nights, the phone rings and it is me on the other end interrupting their romantic dinner together but they get me off of the phone as quickly as possible and get back to their dinner. Then they watch TV together, eat a snack (usually ice cream) and off to bed. They just have these happy lives...they are honestly still IN LOVE! After all these years...I think it is awesome!! Don't get me wrong, they have had problems here and there too like every one but they are and always have been committed to one another and work thru things. As a matter of fact, I was a little bugged the other day when I asked my dad if he read one my blog entries and his reply was "Mija, I don't have time to read that blog...I like to spend all of my extra time with your mother"...Gee thanks Daddy...I love you too!! But honestly, Mom, Dad, you have been a great example to Steven and I...Thank you...and Happy 35th Anniversary !!

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!!

This is my Daddy...the only man in my life that I know, without a shadow of a doubt, will love me for who I ifs, ands, or buts about it (recognize that saying dad?)!! I love my dad...he is the best one out there (and if any of you try to argue with me about that just remember, I can take you down!!). Since I was old enough to recognize and feel love, I have known that "I am what makes his heart beat". I have known that I am "his heart and soul". These are the kind words my father would tell me on a daily basis. Maybe that is why I am so self confident today, and happy with who I am...because I was told all of my life how much I am loved. I have some fond memories I would like to share today (Fathers Day) in honor of my dad. I'll start with when I was young and move on from there. As a little girl, I remember him singing to me...there are 2 specific songs I remember (they are actually the songs you are hearing right now if your volume is on) The Most Beautiful Girl and Do You Want To Know a Secret. I can honestly remember him singing these to me as early as 3 or 4. Then we moved to San Diego not far from a Baskin Robbins and I remember every week My dad would take my mom and I...he would order a Banana Split...and every time I see one advertised now I think of him. And man,could he make some peach cobbler? When I smell peach cobbler now, I remember the many nights I would sit and watch him make it...that and blueberry muffins...he used to LOVE Blueberry Muffins!! And when my mom was cooking her wonderful Mexican Food, my dad and I would watch her shred the cheese and as soon as she would turn around he would sneak a big handful and we would hurry and eat it so that we wouldn't get caught..she always knew though..she would always look at me and say "I saw you guys". As I got older, he enrolled me in softball...I was so scared to play...I remember telling him that I was scared...but he practiced and practiced with me and I ended up getting the most RBI's that year. The following years, he would coach my team...I know now how much time and commitment that takes and I really appreciate it. I always felt so special because my dad was the coach. And all of my friends loved him...they all thought he was so cool!! He was a Marine my whole life so everyone thought he was the next was kind of cool. When I was 11, my mom had my brother Mark...but before she had him she was in the hospital and he made sure to take me to see her every night...I honestly don't remember if it was 1 day or 5 days that she was in the hospital but what I remember is that he cared enough to take me to see my mom. Then as I got older, he would PT with me in the morning. We would go running and we would stop at every block and do sit ups or push ups and then continue running...but I liked it. My dad has always taken the time to show me how much he loves me!! He told me too...but as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words...and his actions proved to me that he loved his job of being a Daddy!! He still does. Every time I call the house (which isn't too often is it dad?) he sounds so happy to hear from I just made his day...and I call there at least 8 or 9 times a week...usually a little more though. Yeah, I'm one of those kids you just can't get rid of!! Are you kidding?? They brought me into this they have to deal with me!! Anyways daddy, I love you and I just want you to know how much you mean to me...and how much I appreciate ALL that you have done and still do for me...Happy Fathers Day!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Busted!!! update to a prior post

So, we played the championship game and unfortunately the Thunder defeated us. It was a great game...a nail biter!!! But in the end, we lost 9-7. The great news is...4 girls from our team made it to All-Stars and Steph was one of them. So the Thunder coaches are coaching the All-Star team and I am their team mom. Well, knowing I would have to send emails out to all of the parents and some of those parents are from the Thunder I have been very careful to erase my blog address from my signature on my outgoing emails. I guess I must have forgotten when I emailed one of the coaches because she sent me an email advising me that she read this post and teased me a bit about "hating the Thunder"...Busted!! Although she was totally kidding I was still a little embarassed (for a nano-second). Anyways, now that the words out, I guess I don't have to hide my blog address huh? I'll post some pics soon of the All-Star team. Gotta go before I stick my foot in my mouth again!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Who's pricing this stuff???

I went to the Goodwill today thinking it was 50% off day and it wasn't. I was so bummed because since baseball/softball season started I haven't gone. I'm always busy with some practice or game or party or I was so excited that I was finally going to make it to a 50% off day and then it wasn't. I decided that if I had to be shopping though I may as well shop in Goodwill on a non 50% off day than any other store I might wander in to. I have really good luck there when it comes to Name Brand clothes for the kids so thought I would browse in there. I decided to check out all of the binders and notebooks because I have great organizational goals for the summer and I got some sheet protectors there for a steal recently. So I saw some notebook paper and thought.."cool, that will probably be really cheap" uhhhh, $1.99!!! what the...!! Okay, I'm not gettin that!!! Then I priced the know the 1" ones Wal-Mart sells for .97....uhhh, again $1.99!!! Who the crap is pricing this stuff?? Neiman Marcus!! Needless to say, I didn't walk out of there with anything and I feel like it was a big waste of time. Either that or I'm a cheapskate!! Maybe it's a little of both...all I know is I won't be buying any school supplies at the Goodwill. Not that I ever have but definitely not now!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


2 of my favorite songs: Young Love, Almost Home
2 places I've worked: Sears Portrait Studio, Harley Davidson
2 of my best friends: Lori, Tabby
2 of my favorite movies: School of Rock, 50 first dates
2 of my favorite foods: Subs, Pizza
2 of my favorite drinks: Water, Coke
2 of my favorite holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving
2 of my favorite colors: Red, Blue
2 places I've lived: San Diego, San Antonio
2 people who's blogs I read daily: Jana, Jodi
2 of my favorite sports: softball and well thats it...just softball
2 favorite websites: pioneer woman and coupon sense
.....okay guys, your turn!!....I just want to know 2 things about you...don't be shy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the joys of being the only girl

So a couple of weeks ago Steven and I were upstairs sitting on our bed and the kids were downstairs playing on the computer. Anyone who has ever spent any time in my house knows that you can hear everything people are saying anywhere in this house. So this is what we hear..

Steph: (yelling) Gross Jared!!! I'm telling!!! Moooooooooommmmmmm!!!
Jared: (in a whiney yet sincere voice) Sorry Steph...I can't help it...I had beans for lunch.
Steph: (frustated) it's still gross....sigh...silence.
Steve and I just sat up here and cracked was so funny. Jared was so sincere...he really couldn't help it. And poor Steph. The joys of being the only girl with 4 brothers huh?.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

It's my daddy's birthday!! He was born on this day in dad, you're gettin up there!! Anyways, I hope that you have a wonderful day and that all of your birthday wishes come true. Mom already told me what she is buying you so I know what you'll be doing later this week. I love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday. You're the best!!