Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Finished reading Twilight today. Yes, I know, hard to believe there was still someone on this planet who had not yet read it. I figured with the movie recently available for America's viewing pleasure I better read it before I saw the movie. I really did like it, however, I was a little disappointed at how it ended. I don't know whether he killed her or not.?! I've been told that I have to read all 4 to find out. I didn't want to hop on this bandwagon but I just have to know what happens now. And as my great friend Jana pointed out to me earlier, I know I am 2 years behind the times but somehow I've never heard what the final outcome was. So off I go to start the next book while Jana pokes fun at me for not being a follower and moving at my own pace!! I promise I won't let you down on the next "bandwagon" Jana.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

One question

After attending a RS meeting this morning I've decided that I need to behave in a way which people always know I am a Latter Day Saint. Yes, this means even when I'm driving and someone really ticks me off (which is when I usually behave badly)!! So my goal this week is to refrain from using foul language at the wheel. Only because I don't usually use it anywhere else. I do have one question pissed a bad word?

Sunday, April 19, 2009


My father in law used to own a Texaco. Though he is LDS, has never smoked or drank in his life, and is totally against it he sold alcohol and tobacco at his store. Opinions??
In my old ward, there was a woman who worked at Starbucks. Though she didn't drink coffee and it is totally against her religion, it was her only means of making money and so she worked there. What are your feelings about this?
My hubby and I are totally in agreement when we say that Obama is not our favorite person. We did not vote for him and totally think someone else could have done a better job (not that he's had much time to prove it but you know what I mean). However, this world we live in LOVES the man!! People think he can do no wrong. I have a friend who's hubby wears Obama shirts EVERY day. I cannot remember the last time I saw him and he was NOT wearing an Obama shirt. I went to a lady's house recently and she had an Obama plate hanging in her dining room. People are making money off of him left and right. So hubby had an idea. I can't tell you what it is but I can tell you that we would be making and selling something having to do with Obama. I think it is a great idea. Obama freaks would definitely spend their money on it. From what I've seen, they spend their money on anything Obama. It is nothing we would ever display but hey, as hubby says, we're just doing it to make a few bucks and keep the family fed. So my question is, Is it wrong? Is it hipocritical? Or would you do it if was a way to take care of your family? Remember, we don't support Obama but if we can make a few bucks off of him, why not?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a great loss

The Santa Rita Senoritas suffered their first loss tonight. Though this is not how they intended to end their season, they did not let it get them down. They still played like champs and gave their fans quite a performance. With winds of over 20 mph, Juliet was still throwing strikes like there was no tomorrow. And with almost every hit there was a play sure to make even the other teams fans cheer. Such as the line drive Jolene caught at 2nd base...good enough even to impress her teenage son and friends. Then there was Shannon who, like always, didn't let anything get past her at 1st base. We had Katie who caught an awesome pop-fly in center field and yes, I even caught a few. Of course we all know I'm not a bragger so no one will think of me as one when I mention the 2 awesome plays Keri and I got at 3rd where she stopped the ball and threw it off to me to get the girls out at 3rd...not our most graceful moments but definitely effective!! I believe coach Jobe would have been proud!! This awesomeness didn't stop in the continued to flow out of our bodies at batting time too. Of course Liz slammed them out in the outfield every time she went up to bat. Grandma Gail hit awesome and though Julie O couldn't run she was making it quite easy for her pinch runners to get on base. All in all we played good...just not good enough. It was fun though and as stated in prior post, our hair looked good in the end...and thats all that really matters!!
Oh, and for those of you that are wondering...yes, there is an imprint of the softball on both of my inner thighs...but it was worth it..don't you think?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Santa Rita Senoritas

I am proud to introduce to my blogging friends, the Santa Rita Senoritas!! Yes, this is the undefeated, fearless, semi pro (in our minds) group of women that I have been playing softball with lately. Oh no, don't let these mormon mommy faces fool you. WE HAVE NO MERCY!!! WE SHOW NO MERCY!! WE FEEL NO PAIN (yeah, right)!! We are there for one reason and one reason have fun of course!! What'd you think I was going to say?? To win...that's so shallow!! But anyways, last night, I decided to take the whole clan to my softball game. I figured since my kids like playing with my camera so much that they could take some action shots of the team. Steph likes to do that kinda thing. So with all the trust an athlete can put into her photographer, I handed my camera over. At the end of the night, she handed it back and said she thought I would be quite pleased with her work. Let's take a look at what she got shall we?
First, we have a picture of... Steph?!?! What the?? Well, she is wearing Orange...I guess we'll keep this one. Next we have... Morgan?!?! Still not an action shot!! But she is one of the athletes daughters and she's cute so I guess we'll keep that one too. Alright, third time is a charm right? NOT!! Looks like I hired the wrong photographer!! So after going thru about a dozen of those types of shots I found this... Our fans!! This is the best group of fans a team could want...they even attempted to do the wave!! They were loud (and obnoxious) and we loved it!! Unfortunately, I never ran across those action shots that were promised to me when I hired her but there were a few a pics worth keeping. Like this one of Jolene, our 2nd baseman (who is not here for the game but for the friendship)... or this one of Juliet, our fierce pitcher... Here we have Keri...our 3rd baseman AND team mom. She brings us strawberries every week...we love her!! This is Shannon, our first baseman...nothing gets by her!! Well, except a really wild throw I made last night but that was my fault!! She is irreplaceable!! Oh, looky there, she even got one of me, the shortstop, who is now known as J-dub because we have 2 Julies and a Juliet.
But I think I like this picture better...doesn't my hair look so shiny? Because really, at the end of the day, it's all about how good your hair looks right?
PS. You guys like the song playing for this post? I thought it was clever.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

If my man read my blog

If my man read my blog he would be pleased to read this:
Hi my love,
You haven't even been gone 16 hours and I totally miss you. After I dropped you off today I rushed home to take Jared to football. But before we left I had to bag all the halftime grapes, make sure your kids looked presentable and not like they just rolled out of bed, and make sure all the drinks and snacks were in the car and not left on the counter as you know I've done in times past. I really missed you at Jareds game because I didn't have you there telling me that we just made a good play. So, instead, I waited until everyone around me was cheering and then I would yell at the top of my lungs and act like I knew what was going on. It worked out great. Noone suspected that I had no idea what the heck I was yelling about. Then we came home and I made crazy bread and pizza for the kids. Our neighbors didn't come out today which made it nice. I got to sit outside without having the urge to tell someone off. It was a good day.
I'm exhausted though. Who knew that when you're home it really does make a difference. Even you just keeping Jarom for me when I run to Wal-Mart is a big help. This draggin' him everywhere with me is for the birds!! Alright, I gots to go!! My big king sized bed is calling my name and Jarom and I get it all to ourselves!! Work hard so you can be home for Easter!! Love you large and miss you more!!
PS. I took Josh to get that bike today and the girl who sold it to us thought I was his sister...made my day!! Gotta love young motherhood!

But since he doesn't read my blog, you guys get to hear all about my day and how much I miss my love. I hope you didn't mind.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

blah blah blah-g

It seems I'm in a blah-ging funk lateley. As much as I want to share my thoughts and opinions with others I just can't fit the time in lately nor can I figure out what to write when I sit down at this desk.
Mine is an event filled life. With 5 kids and hubby that acts like one my life is never boring. However lately, the exciting events in my life have been out of their control.
We'll start first with a piece of mail that I received on my birthday. From the window of the envelope it appeared this piece of mail was a check. "Noone owes me money" I thought to myself as I eagerly tore this envelope open with high hopes. Sure enough, there was a check in the envelope written out to me in the amount of $187 and some change. This check was from my insurance company and the letter attached simply stated that back in 2003 I paid a deductible to have my car repaired when I was hit by non other than an uninsured motorist. Well, 6 years later, they collected all monies from this chump and gave me my cut. Awesome!! I had totally even forgotten I paid that deductible.
That weekend, on Sunday, I told the kids the house needed to be spotless at ALL times. "I have a funny feeling your dad's going to surprise us this week and come home without telling us he's on his way" I told them. Sure enough, late that night, or shall I say early Monday morning he walked thru the door. The kids were so happy to find him here when they got up.
The following Monday, which was this past Monday, I receive another piece of mail. Only this time, it did not appear to be a check. It appeared to be some sort of a complaint against me as I saw what read "complaint # and complaint date". I was just as eager to open this one as I am short fused and wanted to know who's house I should egg (lol...just kidding...wait, no I'm not). Upon opening this envelope I found that my neighbors (anonymous of course) made a complaint because my dogs are "always barking". Ever so pissed, I called animal control. I was told that they were told my dogs bark late at night and that they are often left unattended. "This is false" I told her. My dogs sleep in the house every night. They are brought in at 9 and not let out until 8. One of the dogs (who we already received a complaint on) wears a shock collar all day. Which I, by the way, think is torture. Turns out it is the same neighbor that made the last complaint and pretty much, in the city of Mesa, if your dog barks even once and your neighbors don't like it, they can complain. So, if the jerks complain again, I will be fined up to $2500 and if I can't afford to pay it or refuse I will be imprisoned for up to 6 months. And since I will not pay it because my neighbor is a jerk I am hoping that you will all come and visit me in tent city....Please?!? Tell me you'll be there!! Tell me you'll visit me!!
Lastly, the Santa Rita Senoritas (my softball team) kicked bootie this week at our first ever softball game. Thats right...we won 24-2. Then when another team didn't show up for the next game we were asked to play another game so that the team that did show up would get to play. Yeah, we beat them too...11-5!! So, I am making a plea...we need a cheering squad....we need fans!! Please come and watch us!! I promise we will keep you entertained!!! Last game, we had 2 women fall and I freaked out over a bug in the field so the 3rd baseman had to come kill it for me...the 4 fans that were there loved all this excitement. Pupupuplease come!!