Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'm glad I took the time to "friend"

I turned 40 today.  Wow...has time flown by!  I remember when I turned 30. It seems like just yesterday. So much has happened since then.  I had our 5th child, I became a mother in law AND a grandma.  I became the mother of a soldier and a missionary mom.  We moved.  And moved again.  Laughed and laughed some more.  My Space.  Blogger.  Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.  Proms, Homecomings, Sweetheart dances. I've met some GREAT people and some I'd like to forget.  
I tried to be upset about the big Four Oh but I just couldn't be.  How?  When I've got all of this.
There are some lessons,though, that I have learned over the past decade.  Most of them over the past year or so.  See, I've been part of the "in" crowd (and apparently kicked out of it) haha.  I've been part of the "cliques" and part of the "" crowd. I've been part of the "middle-aged" crowd and part of the "too loud and obnoxious" crowd. And quite frankly, I've enjoyed every "crowd" I've been stereotyped in.  But about a year ago I sat back and watched how LOTS of people that I associated with were so judgemental towards others.  Others that, if given the chance, would probably be really great people to get to know.  So I decided that I would go against the grain of the "crowd" I was associating with then and get to know these "less desire-ables."  I AM SO GLAD I DID!!  As a result, I have found out who really cherishes friendship and who really cherishes status quo.  I have come up with a list that I want to share.  A list that I wish I'd known or taken to heart in my 30's. Do with it what you will.  

1. Sometimes people just need a friend.  
2. That inappropriate status or picture you've seen is just one moment in someone's life..don't judge them for it.  
3. Give people a chance! (or as many chances as Christ would)
4. You never really know what is going on behind closed doors.
5. Put yourself in their shoes.
6. Never judge a book by it's cover (or a picture you might see on the internet)  
7. Treat other people's children how you would want yours treated.  
8. Treat YOUR children how you would treat others :)
9. Love your spouse...he/she is the only one that REALLY loves you for who you are.  
10. Pray for those who treat you badly. You'll learn to love them. 
11. Be happy with what you have. Otherwise you're never happy. 
12. Don't be a bully. It's not attractive. 
13. Don't ask for someone's opinion (or give them the option to comment) if you can't take it.  It only makes you look foolish. 
14. Forgive
15. Family family family...

As I head to bed tonight, my heart is full (and so is my belly). I have a wonderful family, great neighbors and friends that I'm glad I took the time to "friend".