Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Man of the day!!

Seven times a year, we celebrate a birthday in our home. Today was Justins. Fourteen long years ago, I gave birth to this 10 pound 10 ounce monster. He chose homemade hamburgers for dinner. Yes, he's truly a Wright, we love our meat! Well, most of us. Steph is a vegetarian and has been now for almost 3 months. But that's another story for another time. Anyways, in our home, when it is your birthday, you choose the dinner menu and you don't have to do any chores on that day. Josh thought we were kidding when we said he had to do dishes...he wasn't smiling that big after dinner!!
Afterwards we have cake and ice cream and if this is the year for a party (we only do them every other year) then they have their big party with friends on the weekend. Unfortunately for Justin, football is still in session...which kind of gets in the way of parties so he will have to wait a while for his party. We decided that when the season is over we'll just invite some of his teammates over and have a Guitar Hero Party. He was cool with that. So anyways, as is tradition in our home, Jarom sampled the cake (thinking he was being sneaky). Everyone licked the candles and most importantly...everyone loved the cake!! even uncle Scott came from Cali...and loved the cake!!Oh...and Justin was happy to be the center of attention.
Happy Birthday Justin!! We love you...hippy hair and all!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hubby and me are fighting

Okay, so my hubby and me are fighting for like the first time in months (since June)!! I don't know if we are normal fighters or abnormal fighters. We say really mean things to eachother and then we don't talk for a really long time. It's been like 4 hours and not one word. 4 hours is nothing by the way...we've gone weeks (3 to be exact). Anyone who knows us knows that we are both really stubborn and neither one of us will give in. Usually, it is him who will crack some joke that he knows will make me laugh and that is his way of breaking the ice. Then we're fine again. I guess that means he can't stand not talking to me for too long (what can I say, he can't live without me!). Don't tell him that though or he will never do it again. So, I've cleaned Jareds room, done lots of laundry, gone to Sprouts for some chicken, read lots of blogs and snacked on way too many chips. I hope he cracks's getting really boring up here.

Monday, October 27, 2008


So I was approached by one of my new ward members who read my blog. She said she liked it and enjoyed reading about the new family in the ward but did throw in how she read the one where I talked about the new ward...OOPS!! Anyways, I can't take back what was already said right? I mean...It was true. Anyways, I do have to say now that I forced my family to go to the ward Fall Festival this past Saturday and I met and talked to so many nice people. I think I will love it after all. No, not as much as Dobson...but close!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Any Suggestions?

Every year I tell myself I won't wait until the last minute to get the kids Halloween costumes and every year 2 days before Halloween I'm scrambling to find something. To be quite honest, I just can't see spending that much on a costume that they will wear once, maybe twice. And if I buy it too far in advance my kids would change their minds before Halloween as to what they want to be and not be happy with their costumes anyways (because they're brats like that). These pics are what we came up with the day before Halloween last year. I didn't think we did that bad for last minute items. This year is no we are a week before Halloween and they have no costumes. None of them are complaining yet though as this is the norm for them and they know mom will come thru as she always does (because in their eyes, I'm still a hero). But mom is stumped...Any ideas? Please!! Help!! And make sure it's cheap as we are poor and jobless!! Yes, you heard right...poor and jobless!! But don't tell'll give em something to gossip about!! And we don't want to contribute to we?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great Deals

I got milk for .50 a half gallon this week. Yes, you read that right....50 cents a half gallon!
Today I got corn on the cob 10 for $1.00, tomatoes for 39 cents a pound, a head of lettuce for 59 cents and a 23 pound pumpkin for $3.45!!
Just thought I'd share...I love Great deals!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yesterdays Travels

Yesterday I awoke shortly after 5am. Justin and Jareds football games were in Lakeside, AZ and we had to be there by 10:30. I figured if I left by 6 this would get me there in time. I'd never been to Lakeside but was told that depending on which I went it would be anywhere from 3-4 hours to get there. I decided to travel the shorter route which is thru Globe and the Salt River Canyon. Beautiful drive but very scary!! I had never been on such a winding road. I must admit it scared me a bit (especially driving home in the pitch black!!).
As I drove thru Globe, I thought of my friend Jana. She is from Globe (at least I think she is). I told the kids "this is where Jana is from". They were all excited because they knew someone that was actually from that little "hole in the wall". As I drove thru the town I wondered what it must be like to grow up in a place like that...No mall, no choice in grocery stores, no Wal-Mart, no Target, no Starbucks on every corner. Where do they go on Black Friday? How do these people function? What kind of torture is this! This lifestyle should be outlawed!
I am a military brat. I grew up in San Diego. I can honestly say that other than 4 years in my childhood (13-17) I have always been a "city girl". I have spent my life in San Diego, San Antonio and Phoenix. I mean, I have always lived in a city with a sports team. We've always had a zoo to visit. I frequented malls whenever I wanted. I ate in fancy restaraunts. If and when we needed a specialty store of any kind, there was one at our disposal. I could go to a major store every day if I needed to.
How, oh how, did Jana (or her mother) ever survive this life in a small town? No wonder she got out when she could! What kind of a life was this for anyone?
But then, I thought, maybe it is I who missed out on the great life. All of the things you can get in a big city and not in Globe are material. I was never able to look up and see the stars in the pitch black night sky. I couldn't run around aimlessly for hours without my parents fearing for my safety. And today, my children can't run around alone either. I never fell asleep to the soothing sound of nature. We never knew the satisfaction of walking into the store and knowing the cashier or actually knowing the people you're waving at as you drive by eachother. Just the small town feeling of familiarity is something I never knew. I never learned how to wait for anything (as far as having to go to town for something). It was all right there at my fingertips. Maybe it is I who was deprived as a child, maybe it is I who hasn't lived at all!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The color Purple

I've never really been a purple person. I have a friend who is all about purple. I mean if it's purple she buys it. Regardless of whether or not she has room for it, she buys it. Needless to say, her bedroom is very...purple. I, on the other hand, am more of a neutral person. I like the tans and browns, maybe a little green here and there. But purple...NEVER! I like to add color in the pillows and comforters. A couple of years ago, I decided to make my room red. I Love Red. It's Hot!! It's screams..."Kiss me now or lose me forever!!" Now, some may think it's a bit of a hussy color but that's okay. I'm alright with that. If Red is hussy then I am hussy!! So you can see the dilemma when I moved into this house and the master looked like this...Ummm, yeah, that's Purple you're seeing...and lots of it!! Now I could go ahead and paint it which is eventually what I will do but for now, This is what I have to live with..My beautiful red stuff against Purple walls. I feel like I'm a member of the Red Hat Society!! Those little old ladies will forever haunt my dreams. Someone Help Me....PLEASE!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

confessions of a "fall floozy"

It's that time of year here in Arizona. You know, when we can come out of hiding and enjoy the beautiful weather. It's been like this for a couple of weeks now. I have been trying to take my kids for a walk every day this week as they are going stir crazy here not knowing anyone in the neighborhood yet.
Although I have been happily married (for the most part) for what seems like forever, I notice that every year right around this time, I let my eyes wonder. I mean, it's getting cooler out and I would say that about 25% of the neighborhood has a cute guy out there doing their yardly duties. I swear these wives put them out there just to call attention to know, "look at me ladies!! I've got the stud of the neighborhood!! I've got the one every woman wants!!" I swear, the nerve of some of these women!!
I try not to let the kids see me looking as I would hate for them to think their mommy is a "fall floozy" but I just can't help it. I always comment to them how cute these yard men are and how I wish daddy would dress like that. So today, I put my own yard guy out there for all of the other women to covet. What do you think? You know you want him!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Help me design my Sunday Shirt

Yes, we moved to East Mesa. Not too far from where we used to live. I love the new house and neighborhood but I really missed my ward yesterday. Josh and Justin ran into kids that they know so they were alright. Steph has lots of girls her age and they go to her school so she will be fine too. Jared and Steve only had flip flops at this house so they didn't go. I sat in RS by myself!! No one noticed me as being a new person or visitor...what is up with that? I couldn't tell you the last time I sat alone in RS...oh, thats because I never have!! Oh well, such is life!! I'm already working on my outfit for next week and I am wearing a blouse that says..."talk to me, I'm new!!" or "my son turns 14 in 2 weeks, if you befriend me I will make sure your daughter gets a chance to dance with him?" You know, because all the Wrights are so darn good looking!! Or maybe I should wear one that says "Dobson Ward Rules!!" Or "It would behoove you to be my friend...My kids can beat your kids up!!" Those will get me friends really quick I'm sure!! My friend Diane doesn't know it yet, but she is going to make it for me!! That way, when I get beat up, I can hold her liable!! Anyways, if y'all have any suggestions for my shirt please let me know...Winner gets to come to church with me and protect me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

the daily happenings (or mishaps) at Banner

Okay, if you can't read all of this at least read Mondays...crazy!!
Friday - when I was admitted they were taking me to get a catscan when I ran into my next door neighbor who is an RN. She was very nice and wanted to know what was wrong. As they pushed me in my bed she walked next to me and decided to inform me of how many stuffed animals and balls Jarom had thrown over her fence. I explained to her that he has just reached the point where he can get things over the fence and everything from our house is missing!! We chuckled and she was on her way. Later that evening after drugging me with Morphine I got so sick!! And my nice young neighbor nurse came in and took care of me. She got me a wet cloth for my forehead, got me some water to rinse my mouth, pulled my hair back for me and rubbed my back (and I wasn't even her patient!!). Anyways, it's too bad that we're moving...after 3 years of us speaking only during the holidays, I think I like her now.
Saturday - After being up all night puking, my home teacher and another man from our ward came to give me a blessing. What a great surprise that was to both Steve and I when they walked thru the door. Later that evening, 3 ladies from my ward came and visited. Oh my goodness we had so much fun...we just laughed and laughed. I think my fellow patients were a little bugged but oh well!! It was a great time with my ward sisters. I will miss them so.
Sunday - Sick all day from a new drug they tried to give me. I didn't sleep all night or day and was just sick and cranky! My sister in law called and wanted to know if she could come and see me...I was crying and said NO! Just get Steve over here!! Steve was there within 10 or 15 minutes so she must of known Mama wasn't playin!! I hope she forgives me. Then, I yelled at the food and nutrition guy to get "that crap" (my breakfast) out of my room or I was going to puke. I think he thought I was kidding until he saw "the ghetto Julie" come out and tell him off. He left with tray in hand and I did not see him until dinner. I was much more pleasant by that time and he forgave me. I've decided that narcotics and me do not go hand in hand!!
Monday - I was oh so happy because I was going to get to watch Y&R. Then my respiratory Therapist walked in and tripped on my IV. Instead of calling my nurse he decided he would inspect it himself and told me it was still wasn't!! Later that evening, my mother and kids came to see me while Steve was moving and I asked her to help me wash my hair. So I hopped in the shower and while my mom was washing my hair Jarom comes running in the bathroom naked and jumped in the shower with was so stinking funny! Who in their right mind showers with their children at the hospital?!? We laughed so hard over that one. Then after she left I couldn't find my cell phone anywhere. I got a little worried and called my mom to see if it was in her wasn't. She said now that you mention it, I didn't see it when I was there. I went back and retraced my steps and remembered I had it at dinner. I went to the Nurse's station and advised them of the missing phone. They said the trays were still up there and for me to call it and they would walk by all of the dinner trays and listen for it...nothing!! Then they called down to food and nutrition. They told my Nurse that they had not found one but now that they knew they would be on the lookout for it. Then I remembered...When my CNA came and took my tray she also stripped my bed. We were talking about how white the sheets stayed and she advised me that they outsource their laundry to some linen company. As we were talking, she just rolled my bedding up in a ball and threw it in a bag. I called Steve and told him to keep calling my phone. I thought if he calls it I would walk by all of the dirty linen bags and surely I would hear it. By this time, I had all of the nurses calling it and listening to all of the linen bags...NOTHING!! They called down to housekeeping but they said that most of the dirty linen was already gone but they would call it down there too just in case my dirty linen was still there. They called us back and said they did not find it. I called Steve to tell him the bad news and after being yelled at like a child for not taking care of my phone we hung up. A little while later, a nurse walked in holding my beautiful orange phone!! She said "you're not going to believe this...your phone was already on the linen truck!! Housekeeping kept calling your phone and the driver heard it, found the bag it was in and found the phone!!" How amazing is that?!?!
Tuesday - I was strolling the halls as I always did (I was going a little stir crazy) when a lady crossed my path...she was not a patient as she was in regular clothing and had just walked out of my neighbors room. She said hi. I said hi, how are you? She said "oh, I'm not too good" I'm supposed to meet them downstairs and I dont think I can" I said, "who are you supposed to meet downstairs?". She said "my daughter in law" "He thinks I am on my way and he is in a gold Monte Carlo..please go tell him I won't be down" Again I asked her who and this time she said her husband. I looked around for a nurse but you know how that goes..there's never one around when you need 'em. I said "ma'am, do you have any medical problems?" in my best nurse voice. She said "I'm borderline diabetic" "okay" I said..."what have you eaten today?" she answered "apple juice and a candy bar". "did you take your insulin today?" I asked. "No" she said. Right then a nurse walked by. I yelled for her and told her the situation...told her that the lady was acting very disoriented...she ran and got a chair and said I had done a great job triaging her. She thanked me and they were on their way to ER. What a great way to end my stay there huh?
Even with all of the excitement I sure am glad to be home.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

another adventure...this time to Banner

Wow!! It's been a while since I last posted. Here's whats been going on. On Monday, 9-29-08, I went to the ER with sharp, severe pain whenever I would breathe in. I got all checked in and while sitting in the waiting room decided to mingle with the fellow patients (big surprise, huh?). Well, after I heard that one lady had been there 6 hours and another guy had been there 7, I took it upon myself to check out of there. Big Mistake!! The pain never went away and by Friday, it was unbearable. Since our older kids weren't home, Steve decided to stay home with the kids and I drove myself back to the ER. By the time I got there I couldn't breathe and had severe pain. They immediately hooked me up to an EKG and when they saw that my heart was healthy as a horse they did some x-rays and catscans (one of my chest and one of my stomach). They found fluid in my lungs and admitted me for Pneumonia. The next morning when my doc came in he said after further inspecting the catscan and x-ray, he saw a white spot on my lung and thought I might have valley fever....uhhh, what? I didn't know people really got that anymore!! Anyways, the tests came back negative for valley fever and they released me late Tuesday night. I felt fine after walking out of there but since Thursday I have been in great pain and know not what to do!! I really can't go back in the hospital. We are in the middle of moving and Steve could really use my help. On the other hand, my kids could really use a living mom and not an expired one. We'll see...and if you don't see me posting for a while again, you'll know where I am. I have a few stories from my lovely stay at Banner Desert but it will have to wait. I'm tired and I can't breathe. Love to all!!